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    ENERGIZER Alkaline Power AA/AAA 4 pack

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    Finns i de vanligaste batteristorlekarna AA, AAA

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    Brilliant ways to use your head — browse our assortment of powerful and lightweight LED headlights. Comfortable, secure and durable, they’re the perfect solution for those jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands.

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    Pavotube II 6C 1-Kit

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    Technical specifications

    Brightness Control—–Dimmer
    Color Temperature—–2700-7500
    Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)—–250mm x φ4
    Power Source—–DC 5V/2A
    Light spectrum—–RGB
    Built-in battery—–Yes
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    Belkin Dual USB-A Wall Charger 12W X2

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    Planerar du att köpa den populära Belkin Dual USB-A Wall Charger 12W X2? Alla Belkins produkter är av bästa kvalitet så att du kan njuta av sport utan komplikationer.

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    Wave Travel Adaptor EU-World

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    Teknisk information:
    – Spänning och elektrisk ström: 100-250V / 10A
    – Max effekt: 2500W
    – USB-utgång: 5V / 2,4A max. per grind, max. 2,4A
    – Paketets innehåll: Wave Travel Adapter och snabbstartsguide


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    The LumiPad 25 High Output Bi-Color Soft LED Panel from NanLite is a versatile 34.5 x 31 x 3.05 cm light source with solid control features at a price point that makes it a good choice for both part-time and full-time shooters. Its soft output is well-suited for portrait, wedding, group video, and photography, while its thin profile allows placement where larger lights can’t go. The light has color that’s CRI-rated at 95 for accurate rendering and variable from 3200 to 5600K to meet any ambient light challenge or to blend in seamlessly with other fixtures. Light intensity is variable from 0 to 100%, while the fixture’s quiet air-cooling is an asset, especially in sound-sensitive situations. The LumiPad 25 is ready for worldwide use thanks to its 110-240 VAC power adapter, but it can also run on optional batteries via its dual NP-F battery plate when mains power is unavailable.

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    DÖRR Vlogging Kit VL-26 Bi-color

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    VLOGGING KIT VL-26 With the DÖRR Vlogging Kit VL-26 you can perfectly stage your YouTube and TikTok videos, as well as your Instagram or Facebook posts. The kit includes everything you need to make your social media presence look even more professional.  The LED ring light is the ideal equipment

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    Shine Light Stand

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    Look better – Do better The Shine Light Stand is a stylish holder for video calls with a foldable light that makes it easy to bring it wherever you want.

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